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  • By Annette Montague Thomas

    It is a total pleasure to know Jason Liosatos, he puts pen to paper where we are all going wrong in our lives and how to make urgent changes to survive. Jason has the ability to talk to the world leaders in his talk shows. THIS MAN COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND OUR WORLD FOR THE BETTER.
  • By Anastasis Asprou

    Jason understands our humanistic shortcomings, and offers , without ego, alternative ways of having a better existence. A true Philanthropist. Please read this book.
  • By Jake Garrick

    If a book of clear honest sense is what you're after then look no further. Jason beautifully captures the simple truths of life in a way which productively allows the reader to acknowledge the blinkers he/she has been wearing their entire lives. Without just filling the pages with the moaning commonly found in other books of a similar nature, Jason manages to not only present the problem but also offers a number of potential solutions. This book is for anyone and everyone who's ever felt like there's something slightly wrong with the world we live in, and the power in control of it, but could never quite put their finger on it... One thing is sure, after reading this book you'll have more then one reason to support that feeling, in fact you may even have a whole book full!
  • By Alison Powell

    Jason puts into words what some of us have been thinking but could not imagine how this way of life could be achieved. Now, with a unique sense of humor on a serious subject and with text that is easy to read, Jason breaks this enormous task that lays before us into easy steps to give us the courage and sense of purpose to recreate a new way of living that can and must happen. This book will transform your life and set you free.
  • By Susan Merrick

    As we go through our individual journeys in life, some things are lost along the way. Jason's book restores in us these common sense Wisdom's that we seem to misplace while we are too busy running in our hamster wheels...Steve and I are still in our hamster wheels but with an awakening and a reconnecting with our souls, we are working toward leaving them within the next few years. Reading Jason's book has fueled us even more.It seems to all make sense. Brilliant. Thank you for your gift, courage and determination to make real changes in peoples lives.
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